3ds Max Matte Shadow in Mental Ray

1. Viewport background (alt+b)
* Input a picture and let using standard setting.

2. Create a plane and a object

3. Material editor
* Arch & Design' and choose Matte/ShadowReflection
- (Adjust) Shadows, Ambient/shadow Intensity (affected 0,8 or more).
* Arch & Design' assign Glossy Varnished Wood 
- (Adjust) Special Purpose Maps
Environment (Bitmap and add a hdri picture for reflection).

4. Environment (8)
* Input a same picture like before.
- Drag and put it on Camera Mapped background of Matte/Shadow/Reflection then choose COPY, assign to plane.

5. Skylight

6. mr Area Spot
* Spotlight Parameters
- (Adjust) Hotspot/Beam
- Area Light Parameters
type : Disc and adjust radius it.
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